Premium Gold & Black Tuning Machines

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Etched gold with ebony-style buttons, 14:1 gear ration, used on Luthier and España series models.

For use on the following models:

Cordoba C9 CD

Cordoba C9 SP

Cordoba C9 Parlor CD

Cordoba C10 CD

Cordoba C10 SP

Cordoba C10 Parlor CD

Cordoba C10 CD/IN Lefty

Cordoba F10

Cordoba C12 CD

Cordoba C12 SP

Cordoba GK Pro

Cordoba GK Pro Negra

Cordoba 45CO CD

Cordoba 45 Limited – Black and White Ebony

Cordoba 55FCE Thinbody – Honey Amber

Cordoba 55FCE Thinbody Lefty

Cordoba 55FCE Negra – Ziricote

Cordoba 55FCE Negra – Macassar Ebony

Cordoba FCWE Gipsy Kings Reissue

Cordoba Solista CD

Cordoba Solista SP

Cordoba Solista Flamenca